The new CatSalut Respon app geolocates both the patient and over 700 AEDs

With the objective of providing the public with useful and accurate information and to educate them in the basic action procedures for emergency situations, the mobile app 061 CatSalut Respon incorporates a defibrillator locator and 15 educational videos that explain basic first aid techniques.

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Over the last few years, the use of mobile phone apps has grown considerably, along with social networks, which people use to stay up-to-date. Conscious of this, in 2017, CatSalut released the 061 CatSalut Respon app, which has continued to increase the services that it provides for the public, among which the following are worth highlighting:

-       Consultation of the vaccination schedule
-       Localisation of emergency pharmacies and the whole network of pharmacies in Catalonia
-       Sending of the exact location and health data of the person involved at the precise moment when the emergency call is made
-       Location of the over 700 automatic external defibrillators (AED)
-       15 educational videos on first aid, each less than 2 minutes long
-       Hospitals, CAPs (primary healthcare centres), CUAPs (emergency primary healthcare centres), health and social care centres, mental health centres, extended healthcare centres, addiction rehab centres
-       Option to select the types of direct alerts that the user wishes to receive and for which regions

All of the AEDs are connected to the Catalan Medical Emergency System (SEM). This way, when somebody moves them, they send out a direct alert, which allows an ambulance to be sent directly to the site of the incident.
Also, the application is compatible with programmes that enable visually impaired people to read the screen.

Source of information:
CatSalut Canal Salut: La nova app mòbil 061 CatSalut Respon permet localitzar els desfibril·ladors més propers i ensenya primers auxilis [Internet]. Catalonia, 9th of July, 2018 [consulted on the 27th of August, 2018]. Available at  



-       To educate the public on health emergencies.
-       To contribute to the proper use of public resources.
-       To facilitate access to information.
-       To reduce the number of fatal accidents.


Greater brand reputation. The 061 CatSalut Respon application has had 110,000 downloads (data from the 9th of July, 2018). 4,269 calls via the application: 51% for illness at home (2,170 calls) 41% for a health query or information about the service (1,858 calls) 3% for accidents or injuries (127 calls) 3% for illness in public

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Published on*** 8 Sep 2018


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