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The Unit treats the emotional impact which cancer and haematological patients go through and provides them with the appropriate tools to face their disease holistically, offering them the support and comforting effect of natural therapies.

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Setting aside for a moment all aspects of cancer aetiology as well as the factors that condition its appearance, and paying attention to the impact that the diagnosis of this disease has on the people affected and their families, it is easy to understand the reactions and perturbation that it produces on all of them.
The intention of this project is to offer the cancer and haematological patient the necessary tools to face the process of the disease in a proactive and holistic fashion, providing them with the support and the comforting effect which natural therapies and other complementary interventions contribute and thus cover psycho-emotional aspects that are not considered in public heath.
The project consists of a group of cooperation agreements between the Hospital Clínic and different associations, institutions and groups which, in a volunteer and altruistic manner, help us reach the objectives set. These agreements are coordinated by only one person and do not represent any financial expense for either patient or hospital.
Since July 2013, we have been incorporating different agreements: reiki therapy (volunteers of the Asociación de Terapeutas Reiki de Cataluña), art therapy (students of the Art Therapy Master's programme at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra), music therapy at the home of patients under 20 years old (ONG), acting with live music (Music Association in Vena), self-makeup workshops (financed by a cosmetics lab), Studia project for patients who are studying a career (Universidad de Barcelona), Areola (GAMIS Group) and a small library (contribution from an publishing company). No doubt, the most successful therapy has been reiki, of which, at the moment, the volunteers at the Asociación de Terapeutas Reiki de Cataluña perform an average 550-600 monthly sessions to people who are either hospitalised or receiving chemotherapy at the Day Hospital.
Source of information: Unitat de suport de teràpies naturals en el Hospital Clínic [Internet]. Catalonia [query performed on September 9, 2018]. Available at 


-       To cover the patients’ emotional needs.
-       To provide them relief so as to help them face the disease.


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