The Blanes and Calella Hospitals adhere to the ‘¡No Puedo Esperar!’ (I can't wait!) project

The Blanes y Calella hospitals have adhered to the ‘¡No puedo esperar!’ project, an initiative driven by the Associació de Malalts de Crohn i Colitis Ulcerosa de Catalunya and the Unidad de Enfermedad Inflamatoria Intestinal (Inflammatory Intestinal Disease Unit) of the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona, which wishes to facilitate public facility toilet access to patients suffering from a non-contagious intestinal disease.

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One of the problems which distress intestinal inflammatory disease patients is the continuous, and sometimes, unpredictable, need to go to the bathroom; and the fear of not finding an accessible one when they need it makes it difficult for them to leave the house. Eventually, this situation may carry a reduction in their quality of life.
By adhering to this initiative, the two hospital centres of the Corporació de Salut del Maresme i la Selva (CSMS) will facilitate these patients access to the toilets in collaborating centres and establishments.
The specialised doctors in the Intestinal Inflammatory Disease and Digestive System Service units of both hospital centres have already started to hand these people identity cards, which are free and anonymous. These identification will be their authorisation for the use of the close to 4,000 toilets in different centres, establishments, commerces or facilities which have joined this campaign throughout Catalonia.
The beneficiaries of this initiative are people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, ostomy or colostomy patients, those who have undergone colon cancer surgery and all those people who, because of their characteristics, physicians consider should belong in this group.
Source of information:
Els hospitals de Blanes i Calella, amb el projecte «No puc esperar». Diari de Girona [Internet]. July 26, 2018 [query performed on August 29, 2018]; [approx. 2 screens]. Disponible en 


-       To offer patients in need access to toilets in establishments which are a part of the project.


Customer satisfaction. Public facility toilets open for patients suffering from a non-contagious intestinal disease.

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Published on*** 8 Sep 2018


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