An app to strengthen communication with the patient’s family.

Mobile app through which the family receives updated and constant information. The objective is to improve their link with the organisation and with the care and needs of the relative during their stay at Prytanis.

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The application is used on mobile devices and allows Prytanis to provide patient’s families with information that they consider relevant.

The application currently offers two types of information:  

  1. About activities at the centre. Constant and up-to-date information on the recreational activities that will be taking place at the centre. This way, relatives can keep up with all of the planned events and can make arrangements so that they can attend. Prytanis also offers services that are customised to suit each family such as sending, via the application, photographs of the patients during the activities.
  2. Healthcare information. Customised notifications for medical appointments. It can also be used to request an ambulance for a specific visit. In general, this function facilitates efficient coordination and communication between the team of professionals and the patients’ relatives.        

The application also has other functions, which have not yet been used at the centre as they involve sensitive information that should be given in person.


▪      To improve the link and participation of the family in the patient’s treatment.
▪      To facilitate communication between professionals and relatives.
▪      To bring the centre closer to families.


Time optimisation. Time optimisation. More streamlined processes.

Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction (families). More effective communication and information. Greater participation of families in their relative’s treatment plans.

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GerApp One-way communication channel that connects geriatric care homes and families

Published on*** 29 Sep 2018


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